Rigger Boots

Riggar boots are a popular style of safety boot offering great protection and comfort, particularly in the cooler weather. Riggars are most commonly produced in a tan colour but are also available in other colourways like black and brown to offer choice to end users. This Classic style of pull-on work boot is available with a number of different lining such as microfleece or faux fur. This style of boot is also available in a range of different water resistance levels from SB to S3 making them ideal for use in wet weather.  

The name Rigger is believed to come from the fact this style of boot was standard issue for oil workers on offshore oil rigs. The slip on and slip off nature of the boot without laces meant they were easy to take off in the case of emergency on a rig allowing the user to reduce weight and avoid waterlogging.  

Footwear used by oil rig workers has since moved on to different styles designed solely for this purpose, but the rigger has become one of the most popular styles of general-purpose safety boots available offering warmth, water, resistance and safety. The ease of cleaning and looser fit of the rigger also makes them very popular however due to the looser fit the rigger style of boot does not offer as much ankle support and the top opening means it can collect foreign objects, so it's important to take these into consideration before deciding on the style of boot ideal for you.