Stretch Hi-Vis shorts with removable holster pockets

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  • Modern-fit men's stretch hi-vis work shorts with removable holster pockets are ideal for use in warm weather. 
  • 4-way stretch fabric offers great freedom of movement allowing you to work unrestricted bending, climbing and flexing without impediment.
  • Removable holster pockets offer added versatility and are accompanied by 12 other pockets to ensure the same robust storage and convenience as our work trousers but in a cooler item perfect for use in summer. 
  • High-rise back waistband ensures you stay covered when bent over and side elastication ensures the best fit possible in all working positions.
  • Heat-applied segmented reflective tape for added visibility, contrast black fabric offers protection from dirt and a more modern work aesthetic.  
  • THi-Vis stretch work shots offer a great alternative to trousers in warm weather helping to keep you cool, and visible while still offering the great convenience of trousers. 


The stylish and comfortable modern-fit men's stretch hi-vis work shorts are designed to be a cooler but equally practical solution for working in warm weather. Designed to offer the same great features as its trouser alternative but cooler in the heat. These shorts feature a 4-way stretch fabric offering great ease of movement and added comfort allowing you to bend, flex, crouch and climb with ease. In addition to the ease of movement offered by this design, the stretch hi-vis shorts also feature ample storage to ensure you can keep all of your vital work tools close at hand. With generously sized front pockets, multi-functional zip thigh pockets as well as removable holster pockets storage is in no short supply.